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Our mission

Marquez Charter is a public school, but the education our children receive is actually something we like to call Public Education Plus+. It’s the magic that happens when Marquez gets to combine LAUSD funding with the substantial contributions Marquez families, and our community, make each year via Friends of Marquez.  FOM funding accounts for a large portion of the school's 2020-21 discretionary operating budget.   Without Friends of Marquez, our school simply would not be the same.  

The majority of FOM's funding comes from our annual giving campaign, The Marquez Enrichment Fund ("The Fund"), which typically accounts for 70% of the total funds raised by FOM in a given school year.   Our goal for The Fund is 100% participation from Marquez Families.  FOM gratefully accepts any contribution, from $10 to $10,000, and we hope every family will donate the amount that makes sense for them.   We have a Corporate Matching gift program for companies that match their employee's charitable donations.   We also accept Stock Transfers.   FOM raises the remainder of its funding through a variety of community and school events such as our Annual Auction, Year of Parties, and many more.  Friends of Marquez also receives many generous Community Sponsorships from our local businesses and families.   At Marquez Charter School, we take pride in our long-standing tradition of parent engagement and active involvement.  Parents collaborate with the school's administration, teachers and staff to ensure that our children receive an excellent, enriched and well-rounded education at Marquez.