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Each year, Marquez Charter Elementary School has received the generous financial support of our outstanding corporate sponsors.

Through visibility geared towards our parents, staff and neighbors, corporate sponsors increase and strengthen their brand awareness among the Pacific Palisades community. But more importantly, they enable our neighborhood school to enhance the educational experience exponentially for our students – their current and future customers!  

Marquez is committed to offering our corporate partners custom sponsorship packages that will offer to the most value and impact for their dollars spent. 

This year, we recognize we are all PIVOTING and doing business a little DIFFERENTLY.  Therefore, our new corporate sponsorship packages offer a blend of offline and online initiatives to ensure the best of brand visibility. 

As a corporate sponsor, you will receive the following:

  • Hanging banner placed on the front gate of Marquez Charter Elementary School for remainder of the 2020/2021 school year and throughout the following summer.

  • Strategic logo placement in the Marquez weekly newsletter. (Our parent weekly newsletter goes directly to parents/guardians of Marquez students. Currently our database of valid/opt-in emails are 600+ emails.)

  • Sponsor badge to go on your company website to show that you are a proud sponsor of Marquez Charter Elementary School. 

Our parent leadership is well-versed in the power of social media in reaching a target audience, i.e. “customers.”  This year, we have committed to enhance our corporate sponsorship marketing initiative coupled with our strong presence on various social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.  These marketing postings will be designed to engage with Marquez parents and posts will be highlighting our corporate sponsor brands (YOUR brand) and offerings to this highly targeted audience. 

For more detailed information about the different tiers of corporate sponsorship that best fit your business needs, please contact our Corporate 

Sponsor liaison Holly Naim. 

We at Marquez Charter Elementary appreciate your support and know it will

make a difference in creating a memorable year for our children. 

Together, we will strive to make our community even stronger and get through this challenging time better than before.

Click here to become a Community Sponsor