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SCRIP is simply a gift certificate/gift card from national and local retailers.  It is accepted the same as cash.  They're like gift cards that you buy at a store.  In California, gift certificates/cards don't expire!  Many popular retailers participate in our SCRIP program, stores that you shop at every day!

What are SCRIP Cards?

  • Order cards from stores you shop at everyday and buy things you normally buy. Purchasing them through FOM is giving free money!
  • Buy Teacher and Aide gifts for the holidays or the end of the year gifts. Email for Teacher Scrip Card Request List  (click to view)
  • Buy SCRIP for thank you and birthday gifts throughout the year
  • Purchase new cards, reload used cards you purchased from FOM
  • Send ScripNow Ecards as gifts, teacher gifts or any gifts that we do not have in inventory. ScripNow Cards can be printed or emailed as a gift to be used right away

How do I get SCRIP Cards?

  • Take a look at the SCRIP Order Form to see what retailer's cards FOM carries
  • Email Joy Whiteley, the SCRIP Coordinator at to place your order
  • Joy will email you back with a link to pay for your cards using a credit card
  • If you would rather write a check, print the order form and leave it with a check payable to Friends of Marquez in the front office
  • If you want something we do not carry, go to, register for an account  using the school code below and order the ScripNow Cards and when checking out, click that you are paying by check and Joy will get in touch with you regarding your order. It's that easy!

How Does SCRIP Generate Revenue for you and our school?

  • SCRIP participating retailers agree to sell gift certificates to FOM at a discount
  • Families buy the certificates for full face value and they are redeemed for full face value
  • FOM keeps the difference as profit.  The profit ranges from 3.00 % to 15.00 %
  • Refill the cards from the stores you shop at every week at , or from FOM's inventory, it's money you would be spending anyway, and FOM gets a % back from that store

How do I register for the Friends of Marquez SCRIP program on

  • Go to
  • In the top right corner of the homepage, click Get Started
  • Click Join your Existing Program
  • Enter the Friends of Marquez  Enrollment Code:* 5AAB8A352L933
  • Click Register to create an account
  • Once your registered you can purchase physical gift cards, reload cards, or send           ScripNow Ecards and a rebate will go to Friends of Marquez
  • ScripNow Ecard purchase instructions: When your in your cart checking out, click the CHECK button and submit. We do not offer PrestoPay and once submitted you will get an emailed to be able to pay with a credit card or by check

eScrip is the longest running, most successful shop-to-fundraise Electronic Scrip Program in the United States.

They have helped schools/nonprofits raise over $400 million, with your participation!

Register your store loyalty cards and debit/credit cards at and your shopping with earn FOM money.  Shop their online mall and get access to offers and coupons, no card required!  Enrolling in this program is the easiest thing you can do to raise money!

How do I join eSCRIP to shop online or register my cards and make free money for Friends of Marquez?

  • Go to
  • Click Sign Up! in the top right button of the home page
  • Input your information
  • Enter Friends of Marquez when your asked to select your school or nonprofit
  • Register your credit cards / loyalty cards or start shopping. 

QUESTIONS? Email Joy Whiteley at