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Digital Edge Technology

Since 2008, Marquez has received the Apple Distinguished School Award, an accolade reserved for schools that meet the criteria for innovation, leadership, educational excellence, and for demonstrating Apple’s vision of an exemplary 21st century learning environment. Through the Digital Edge Technology Program largely funded by FOM, Marquez is the only Palisades charter school to offer a device (iPad or laptop) for every student in grades 1-5. Kindergarten classes have Apple workstations and two to one iPads. This state of the art technology program enables teachers and students to take advantage of computer programs such as Lexia, which provides explicit, systematic, adaptive learning in language arts, and Dreambox, which tailors math lessons to allow each student to work in his/her own optimal learning zone. FOM also funds a full-time onsite IT coordinator to ensure that the technology program runs smoothly at all times. Since its inception, our Digital Edge Technology Program at Marquez has served as a model for other local public and private schools to emulate.